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Niel Patel

Project Manager

Vidnoz AI is an innovative AI video maker that revolutionizes the way we create and edit training videos. It's quite simple to use, and the outcomes are superb.

Evelyn Brown

HR Manager

Vindoz AI is an excellent product for HR onboarding and department training. The Avatars are fun and diverse, and the voices are as natural as real humans.

Joseph Forry

Operation Director

I am surprised by the speed to create a video with Vidnoz AI. It offers great templates for training, onboarding and marketing. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a small or large business.

Liz Clark

Corporate Client Manager

We have been using Vidnoz AI for about 3 months. From the very beginning, creating tutorial and training videos were always surprisingly easy and convincing for employees.

Bryan Mauck


I love the user interface. Vidnoz AI makes it very easy to create short, engaging videos that have proven to be very helpful for our HR and training departments.

Kanika Taylor

Retail Sales Manager

Vidnoz AI is a remarkable AI video creation tool. Its text-to-speech functionality and customizable templates significantly simplify the video-making process, offering content creation flexibility and creativity.

Jafar Rixon

IT Manager

Efficient and no hassle. Vidnoz AI allows me to create professional explainer and training videos in minutes. I like the ability to choose the look of avatar presenters and their tone of voice.

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